​​Custom Classic Concrete

Bringing Design and Beauty to Concrete

1. Pool restoration and Resurfacing Pool Decks (borders and logos)

2. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Patios

3. Decorative Resurfacing Porches and walkways

4. Pool restoration and Deck Painting 

5. Acid, Dye, and Acrylic Staining 

6. Demolition ( demolition and removal of old concrete)

7. Decorative Concrete non skid Resurfacing Carports

8. Grinding and Surface Prep (used for removing old paints and coatings)

9. Pool Plastering (interior) and Swimming Pool Vinyl Liners 

At Custom Classic Concrete we offer many different types of services involved in the Decorative Concrete Business, these services include : 

Custom Classic Concrete 

South Georgia`s #1 Decorative Concrete Company  


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